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As a Windows XP specialist I love writing about these operating systems and how YOU, the PC/Laptop owner can use them.

This website will inform you about important Windows XP related issues from updates to tips, training to security advice, even how to use Windows XP to run an online business from home and what web hosting to use.


MSConfig - FREE Guide

Microsoft have a support utility for troubleshooting Windows XP / Vista and Windows 7. Discover more about it in this free guide! Read more.


The Windows XP Scannow Tool

Windows XP has the ability to protect itself from system instability caused by 3rd party software overwriting important system files. By default, Windows File Protection is always enabled and allows Windows digitally signed files to replace existing files safely... Read more.


Selecting a DVD Decoder for your Windows PC

Whether you are running Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7. There are times when we all want to use our PCs to play our favourite DVDs, and the newer BlueRay Discs, for entertainment and relaxation.


Excel IF Value

In this article I outline the use of the IF Value in working with spreadsheets. Click on this article link to read more details.


Windows Media Player DVD Codecs

When it comes to understanding DVD codecs for Windows Media Player we first need to know what a CODEC is and that the DVD codec's are NOT installed by default in Windows Media Player. Read more here!


How To Use the Disk Defragmenter

This free tool comes with Windows XP and can help keep your PC performing well. For advanced users there is also a tip in this article for automatically defragmenting your BOOT Files at system start up.



Cyclic Redundancy Error

This common Windows error appears when you have a damaged CD or DVD. Read this article on how to fix this error.


Windows Update Error 0x8024D007

This common Windows Update error 0x8024D007 is explained and then a "step by step" resolution offered!


The Windows Update Log

Every time you update your Windows PC via Windows Update/Automatic Updates, Windows keeps a log of all activity that takes place. If ever an error occurs and you can no longer perform updates (or a certain update constantly fails) then this log becomes an important diagnostic tool!


The DirectX Diagnostic Tool

Discover how to use this essential diagnostic tool.


Windows XP Chkdsk Utility

This utility will help you keep your hard drive in perfect condition.


Windows XP Signature Verification Tool

Ever needed to check the unsigned drivers on your computer.


Forgot Your XP Password?

Advice on what to do if you have forgotten your XP password.


SHERLOCK - The Codec Detective

This FREE utility will allow you to verify what Video and Audio codec's you have installed on your computer.  Print out the results or even send to a text file so that you can then copy and paste the information for newsgroup support.


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